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High Vibration Resistant Electric Horn

The eHorn-HV by Federal Signal is an electronic horn capable of producing two high decibel horn tone outputs from the same unit through internal amplification and tone circuitry. Model eHorn-HV utilizes proprietary technology to replicate the rich, full tones of Federal Signal’s Model 52, 55 and 56 electromechanical horns. The eHorn-HV is factory-set to the Model 52 tone and is easily field-configured to select the Model 55 and Model 56 horn tones. Model eHorn-HV’s non-metallic, polycarbonate housing is corrosion resistant and weatherproof for improved durability in harsh industrial environments. With Type 4X and IP66 enclosure ratings, eHorn-HV is ideal for a wide variety of environmental conditions, including outdoor use. The eHorn-HV’s potted internal electronics and external heavy-duty mounting bracket allow the unit to withstand high-vibration settings. The high-vibration resistance makes this model ideal for warning needs of any off-road vehicle. Model eHorn-HV can be mounted on any relatively flat surface with the supplied stainless-steel mounting bracket. Model eHorn-HV is available in 24V DC and has no duty cycle. The electronic horn is designed with three SPLs (Sound Pressure Level) ranging from 96 to 117 dBa at 10’ (106 to 127 at 1m) depending on the tone selected.

Suitable for: mining, contruction, emergency vehicles

Quick Tech Specs

Part No. Description EHORN-HV-024 Horn, Electronic, Vibration Resistant, 24V DC • Produces one of two tones at three SPL (sound pressure levels) • Replicates Federal Signal 52 and 55/56 horn tones • Stainless steel brackets and hardware • Indoor/outdoor use • Marine Rated


24V DC

Operating Current

0.4 - 3.0 A (52 Horn Option), 0.24 - 3.3 A (55/56 Horn Option)

Operating Temperature -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 66°C) Decibel Output

96-117 dBa @ 10’ (106-127 dBa @ 1m) depending on tone/voltage

IP Rating


Enclosure Rating

Type 4X

Mount Weight

Surface mount, stainless steel brackets and hardware

15.90 (lbs) / 31.1 (kgs) Dimensions (D x W x H) 9.43” x 11.48” x 7.33” inches (239.5 x 291.6 x 186.2mm)




Marinco Electric Horns


Volume (dB)



Amps (24V)

Additional Information


118dB @ 1m Single Trumpet Elec- tric Horn 123dB @ 1m Dual Trumpet Electric Horn

24V DC


100% stainless steel for marine applications, frequency: 370 +/- 20Hz, 16.5” L x 4” W x 4.75” H, 5 year warranty 100% stainless steel for marine applications, frequency: 370 +/- 20Hz ; 310 +/- 20H, 18.5” L x 8” W x 5” H, 5 year warranty


24V DC


Marinco Electric Horns

24V Single Trumpet Electric Horn

24V Dual Trumpet Electric Horn




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