Audible Warning Mobile Equipment Safety


450E Vibration Electric Horn UL, cUL, UL Fire Listed, ULC Fire Listed, CSFM Approved, Marine Rated NEW

Model 450E electronic horn offers a loud, clear and distinctive tone. It’s often used for general alarming, start and dismissal noticing, coded paging and process control in noisy areas. Its 4-wire terminal block and supervisory diodes design make it ideal for fire alarm applications. Model 450E’s polycarbonate housing and polymeric speaker are corrosion resistant and weatherproof for improved durability in harsh industrial environments. It has no detectable RF emissions in a 30 MHz to 1000 MHz frequency range, which minimises the potential for electrical device interference.

• Fire Regulated 16-33VDC General Purpose Signal 12-24VDC • Coded or sustained tones • No duty cycle or interval limitations

• 99 dBa @ 10’ on axis (109 dBa @ 1m on axis) • Four wire terminal block and supervisory diode • Type 4X, IP66 when installed with Panel Mount Gasket (included) or optional Non-metallic Weatherproof Backbox (Model WB-NM) • Marine Rated • UL, cUL and CSFM Approved



Quick Tech Specs


12-24V DC, 16-33V DC

Operating Current

4.0A @ 24V DC

Decibel Output

109dBa @ 1m (99dBa @ 10′) –65ºF to 150ºF (–54ºC to 66ºC)

Operating Temperature

Enclosure Rating

Type 4R enclosure

Certification Body Colour

UL, cUL, UL Fire Listed, ULC Fire Listed, CSFM Approved, Marine Rated



Surface mount

Dimension (D, W, H)

2.79x4.11x4.11” (70.9x104.4x104.4mm)


1 lb / 0.45 kg


5 Year

Suitable for: mining, contruction, emergency vehicles

Operating Current

dBa @ 10’ (UL 464)

dBa @ 1m (UL 464)

dBa @ 1m (on axis)

dBa @ 1m (on axis)

Part No.


Fire Regulated 16-33V DC General Purpose Signal 24V DC General Purpose Signal 12V DC

0.25A 0.22A 0.12A

89 N/A N/A

99 N/A N/A

98 99 94

108 109 104



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