PreView 24Ghz Radars Collision Mitigation Systems


Collision Mitigation for Haul Trucks

Sentry®X - Narrow Beam Collision / Blind Spot Radar System 90-277V AC | CISPR 25 | 100W | 16,785 Lu | 60° | IP68 / IP69K

The Sentry®X is designed to suit specific rear detection applications where a narrower radar beam is required to prevent the detection of the inner rear wheels of a haul truck.

• Frequency: 24Ghz • Meets rugged J1455 specs

• Programmable detection range: 0 - 30m (0 - 98’) • Programmable detection width: 0 - 60m (0 - 196’) • Azimuth field of view: ±55° (110° horizontal)


Suitable for: haul trucks, dump trucks



PreView Sentry®X will not detect rear wheels of haul truck due to the narrower radar beam pattern.

A Komatsu 830E haul truck had collided with a light vehicle (LV) at Alinta Energy’s Leigh Creek Coal Mine in South Australia. The truck was moving forward from a parked position when it hit the light vehicle from the trucks RH corner. While nobody was injured in the incident, the near-miss highlighted just how easily things can go wrong when you mix large blind spots with inactive warning systems. CLICK OR SCAN THE QR CODE FOR THE APS SOLUTION Case Study Collision Awareness Solution for Haul Truck


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