PreView 24Ghz Radars Collision Mitigation Systems


Collision Mitigation / Blind Spot Radars

90-277V AC | CISPR 25 | 100W | 16,785 Lu | 60° | IP68 / IP69K Sentry - Collision / Blind Spot Radar System (0 - 30m / 0 - 100’)

Sentry is a compact and robust, short/medium range radar solution designed for heavy-duty vehicles and machinery in mining and construction. • Actively monitor blind spots with audible/visual alerts • Decrease blind spot accidents by 75% • Boost fleet operator safety and productivity • Reduce costly repairs and downtime • Measures location and velocity of up to 16 people or objects simultaneously


• Frequency: 24Ghz • Meets J1455 specs


• Programmable detection range: 0 - 30m (0 - 98’) • Programmable detection width: 2 - 60m (6.5 - 196’)


Suitable for: heavy vehicles and machinery in mining and construction



During mining operations in an open-cut mine, there has been an increase in reversing incidents between several D10 dozers. In one incident, an operator reversed at speed into the side of another dozer. Not only did this cause considerable damage to both pieces of machinery, the significant costs involved with loss of production had run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. CLICK OR SCAN THE QR CODE FOR THE APS SOLUTION Case Study Mitigating Collisions on CAT D10/D11 Dozers


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