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11 Series RefleXL

• Be seen clearly with SAE Class I light output and 35 flash patterns (single colour) or 91 flash pattens (dual colour). • Reduce labour costs with simple installation - just like installing a beacon. • Single colour (amber) or dual-colour (clear/amber) options, with 24” or 48” size makes an excellent choice for trucks and vans. • Narrow and sleek low-profile lightbar will look great on your vehicle. Available in single-colour or in dual-colour options supporting up to 91 flash patterns, this LED lightbar equips your vehicle with the versatility needed to get the job done — the perfect fit for any tow truck, work truck, or utility vehicle where compact warning is essential. The 11 Series is an easy addition to your vehicle which will increase the safety of operators/workers and those around them by ensuring that they will be seen. The ECCO Series Lightbar offers rugged durability with its polycarbonate lens and aluminium frame. Designed to be mounted permanently with included mounting feet, on an optional headache rack or temporarily with magnetic mounting options, RefleXL® provides discreet and powerful warning for any vehicle application.

Suitable for: Tow truck, work truck, or utility vehicles

Part No.


11-024CA-E 24” Length, 4 Bolt, Amber LED 11-024CA-E-MG 24” Length, Magnet, Amber LED 11-024CAC-E 24” Length, 4 Bolt, Amber / White LED 11-024CAC-E-MG 24” Length, Magnet, Amber / White LED 11-048CA-E 48” Length, 4 Bolt, Amber LED 11-048CAC-E 48” Length, Magnet, Amber / White LED




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