LED Heavy-duty Work Lamps Mobile Equipment Lighting

Mobile Equipment Lighting LED Heavy Duty Work Lamps



LED3000-500 - haul truck forward lights

LED3000-500 - haul truck reverse lights

LED3000-500 - haul truck - isolux and 3D light maps

LED3000-500 - dozer forward lights

OEM cross reference numbers Liebherr: A0787A632300

Article of Interest LED3000-500 Flood Asymmetrical for Drill Rigs & HV Machines

Frustrated by constant fixture failures and with the need to meet a certain standard of lighting, one Australian company reached out to APS to provide a new solution for their drill fleet and HV machines . CLICK OR SCAN THE QR CODE FOR THE APS SOLUTION

www.aps-supply.com www.aps-supply.com

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