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Model 529


LED Warning and Safety Light

Features • Identifies dangerous areas, reducing workplace injuries by creating a “no-go” zone red stripe • Intended for use in Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Material Handling, and Railroad applications • Versatile pedestal mount allows warning light to be mounted on vehicles or stationary objects • Optional flash rate of 1Hz with a duty cycle of 50%. (No synchronization is required) • Solid-optic design improving longevity and reliable performance • Die-cast aluminum housing with stainless steel mounting bracket & durable polycarbonate lens • Rated to IP67, IP69K & ECE Reg.10 compliance standards • 3-pin Deutsche connection • 2-year warranty The rugged design of the Model 529 LED Big Red Stripe Warning and Safety Light projects a highly visible red safety strip of light that creates a keep-out zone to keep workers, pedestrians, and other vehicles at a safe distance. As a result, occupational safety plus operator comfort and convenience are significantly improved, preventing workplace accidents. We know every job site requires your full focus and attention and that vehicle lighting plays an essential role in protecting operators and pedestrians from the potential dangers of moving machinery. The innovative Model 529 LED Big Red Stripe Warning and Safety Light is the ideal solution for identifying dangerous areas on construction and mining job sites.

Applications Agriculture, construction, industrial, mining and railroad

Part No. 1300561


J.W. Speaker Model 529 LED Warning and Safety Light




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