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APS is a leading lighting and safety product specialist that provides consulting services, training and local product support through a network of authorized dealers. Our team is fully committed to doing what it takes to understand your project and your required lighting and safety standards. We understand that each customer has different needs, which is why our team does not take a one solution or one product fits all approach. We sit with your management and on-site teams to listen and ensure we understand your requirements. We create solutions that are not only embraced by the on-site team, but also meet your budget requirements and your standards. When you use APS your company will have access to a wealth of international experience. APS was founded in 1999 and has more than 20 years’ experience in the lighting and safety markets, combined with knowledge gained through its operations in South America, North America, South East Asia and Australia. Our distribution network means you won’t be waiting for products. APS provides full in-country support and provides solutions where and when they are needed.


To become a leading international wholesale distribution and industrial marketing group specialising in lighting and vehicle safety product solutions for use in rugged operating environments.

To know our products technically better than any of our competitors and to be able to utilize this knowledge to provide real solutions to our market.

To establish a seamless customer and distribution service center that is efficient and customer oriented from inquiry to repeat purchase.

Our Values & Character comes from:

Caring about our team and the culture, behaviours we show our customers;



Our Purpose

Constantly challenging and testing our solutions;

Creating a safer environment where machines, vehicles and people coexist.

Caring about our customers their people and machines;



Caring about the environment that our customers, their stakeholders and our team operate and live in.


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