Shovel & Dragline Lighting (DC) Industrial Lighting & Warning


Shovel & Dragline DC

DC Cube Shockwave Series (Single & Dual Panel)

9-32V DC / 90-480V AC (with optional inverter) | 48 - 192W (single) / 96 - 384W (dual) | 120° (single) / 180° (dual) 613 - 2,450 eLu (single) / 7,594 - 30,375 eLu (dual) | IP68 / IP69K

The Cube Shockwave excels at being a durable fluorescent upgrade for flat mount applications in commercial and industrial work environments. CUBE LEDs differ from standard diodes primarily in size and output per watt. A CUBE LED has a larger surface area allowing more light to be emitted per individual watt. Additionally, having a larger surface area gives the LED a much wider beam pattern allowing more lux to illuminate a wide-spread area.

• Universal Mounting Options • Die-cast Housing for Superior Heat Dissipation • Low Power Consumption • Clear Bezel for Wider Dispersion



Suitable for: General area lighting

Part No. Description MIL-SWS1248 Single 12” (30.5cm), 48W MIL-SWS2496 Single 24” (61cm), 96W MIL-SWS36144 Single 36” (91.4cm), 144W MIL-SWS48192 Single 48” (122cm), 192W

Part No. Description MIL-SWD1296 Dual 12” (30.5cm), 96W MIL-SWD24192 Dual 24” (61cm), 192W MIL-SWD36288 Dual 36” (91.4cm), 288W MIL-SWD48384 Dual 48” (122cm), 384W

CSWS48PE Single 12”, 48W, with power supply CSWS96PE Single 24”, 96W, with power supply CSWS144PE Single 36”, 144W, with power supply CSWS192PE Single 48”, 192W, with power supply

CSWD96PE Dual 12”, 96W, with power supply CSWD192PE Dual 24”, 192W, with power supply

623 Series

16-60V DC | 240W | Beam: WF, MF, NF | 20,000 eLu | IP67

The J.W. Speaker 623 boasts a bright, high-output LED scene light. It is perfect for a wide range of uses, including mining equipment, light towers, and any application for which you need a vast amount of light.

• Wide, Medium and Narrow Flood beam patterns • Durable glass lens for harsh environmental conditions • Die-cast aluminum housing provides maximum protection • Integrated 2-Pin Deutsch Weather-Proof Socket (DT04-2P) • Dim (DxWxH): 3.50x19.63x8.52” (88.90x498.60x216.41mm) • Weight: 18.0 lbs (8.16kg)



Suitable for: Draglines and shovels

Part No. Description 623WF-24V Wide Flood 623MF-24V Medium Flood 623NF-24V Narrow Flood


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