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Battery Master Disconnect Switches

Cuts all battery power from vehicle electrical systems with applications needing switching of two circuits, or both positive and negative. 500A continuous current rating for each of the two circuits (using 2 x 4/0 input and 2 x 4/0 output cables). Can be used to switch two vehicle voltage circuits simultaneously (24V and 12V). Disconnect a battery or multiple batteries, in either the positive or the negative line.

• Ingress protection to IP67 and IP69K means that the switch can be mounted in exposed locations on the vehicle. • Drop-in replacement for competitive Master Disconnect Switches, with higher vibration and shock capabilities. • Direct lockout/tagout capability in On or Off position, with padlock or hasp



Part No.


880175BX Littelfuse TR Series Man Batt Discon Swith – BLK 880175-0001BX Littelfuse TR Series Man Batt Discon Swith – RED 880175-0002BX Littelfuse TR Series Man Batt Discon Swith – YLLW



The FlexMod electronic voltage sensing relay & timer monitors both battery voltage and ignition status, shutting down non-critical loads when the cutoff voltage is reached, or at the set time after the ignition is turned off. It is a timer and voltage sensor in one easy-to- connect unit. Ideal for use in emergency vehicles, the unit senses both voltage and time; after the vehicle engine is turned off, if either the cutoff voltage or time limit is reached, the Voltage Sensing Relay & Timer FlexMod will shut down the auxiliary loads. The dual technology in package provides double protection. The FlexMod electronic voltage sensing relay & timer opens up options for mounting in a small space, and simplifies wiring and other components.

• Protects starting battery from being drained by auxiliary loads • Compact design (4 x 3 x 1), and solid-state unit is waterproof, dustproof and vibration-proof. Mounts anywhere on a vehicle, even places where road-splash is a problem. Sealed to IP67 standard • Preserves starting power; eliminates downtime and jump starts due to dead batteries. Simultaneous time and voltage sensing protects starting, even when the vehicle is running “in deficit” • Monitors voltage and time simultaneously, providing double the protection to batteries. Battery will not be drained if battery voltage gets low before timer has run out. • 10A rating means it can handle many loads directly or drive a relay or solenoid for higher amperage • Unit is auto-ranging – senses 12V DC or 24V DC systems • Unit can be used as-is, with factory-programmed presets, or can be programmed by dealers to a broad scale of values



Parts Description 48541 Voltage Sensing Relay and Timer Unit, Blue Thermoplastic, 10A, 32V DC

48541-01 Voltage Sensing Relay and Timer Unit with 12805 Harness, Blue Thermoplastic, 10A, 32V DC 48741 Dealer-programmable Voltage Sensing Relay and Timer Unit, Blue Thermoplastic, 10A, 24V DC 12805 FlexMod Harness


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