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DR750S Dashcam

Features • Single channel (DR750S-1CH) or dual channel models available (DR750S-2CH) • Utilises Sony STARVIS™ image sensors • Built-in impact & motion detection • BlackVue App (iOS, Android) and viewer (Windows/Mac) • Sleek design and controls • Built-in WiFi and GPS • Optimized file management • High frame-rate for extra fluidity • BlackVue over the cloud • Tamper-proof case (optional) • Intelligent parking mode monitoring (with Power Magic accessories) Applications Commercial and private vehicles, trucks, long-haul trucks, fleet trucks, lorries, waste, utility vehicles The BlackVue DR750S is a quality Korean-manufactured full-HD dashboard camera. Available in both 1 channel and 2 channel models, the DR750S utilises Sony STARVIS™ image sensors for best image quality under any light. Also included are GPS logger, Wi-Fi, Cloud connectivity, and impact and motion detection. All this in a stealthy design that never gets in the way of your driving. There is no need for a screen: with the free BlackVue app, you can connect to your dashcam whenever you want.

Front camera for both 1 and 2 channel models

Rear camera for 2 channel model only (DR750S-2CH)

Quick Tech Specs

Sensor Memory

Sony STARVIS™ CMOS full-HD image sensors (approx 2.1 MP)

What the Experts Say...

microSD Card (32 GB/64 GB/128 GB/256 GB) Diagonal 139°, Horizontal 116°, Vertical 61°

Viewing Angle Frame Rates

“Exceptional video quality, handy mounting options, and a top-notch set of features & recording modes – you can expect the BlackVue DR750S with 2-channel recording to always provide an amazing experience.” “Unbeatable video recording quality with dual camera options and a great storage capacity with the compatible file format for handiness.” “An outstanding set of convenient features for safety and easy operation such as excellent recording modes for unusual events, parking and night time.“

Max: Full HD (1920x1080) @ 60 FPS Min: HD (1280x720) @ 30 FPS


12-24V DC

Current Draw

200-260mA @ 12V DC (DR750S-1CH) 300-350mA @ 12V DC (DR750S-2CH)

GPS / Mic / Speaker All built-in Certifications

FCC, CE, RoHS, Telec, WEEE (Front cameras) FCC, CE, RoHS, WEEE (Rear camera only - DR750S-2CH) BlackVue Viewer for Windows / Mac OS, BlackVue App (Android, iOS)

Viewers / Apps

Dimensions (W x H) 118.5mmW x 36mmH (Front cameras)

67.4mm x 25mm (Rear camera only - DR750S-2CH)


88g for Front camera (DR750S-1CH) 90g for Front camera / 25g for Rear camera (DR750S-2CH)

“When it comes to a premium-grade camera for your car that won’t disappoint you – there aren’t many options as good as the BlackVue DR750S.”

Part No. Description DR750S-1CH Single-channel dashcam with full HD Sony STARVIS™ image sensor DR750S-2CH Dual-channel dashcam with full HD Sony STARVIS™ image sensor. Includes both front and rear cameras.





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